"Do your best and be a little better then you are."
Pres. Gordon B. Hinkley

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It might be bias but I think John might be the cutest cowboy around. Our ward had it's 1st Birthday party on Saturday so they had a big party at the Redd's house. With lots of everything Western. JoJo was sick so I stayed home with him & Gracie, and let Todd take the Sheriff to the party. They had a blast. I really LOVE our ward, how down to earth everyone is. I feel very luck to be apart of it.


Easter 2011

I can't believe Easter has already come and gone. It was a fun Easter with John so excited for the Easter Bunny to visit. We really did try to teach him what Easter really is about, and I hope it kinda sunk in but he was in LOVE with finding Easter eggs & his Easter basket. JoJo was less interested but did find an egg this year. We have 8:00am church this year so we were out hunting eggs around 6:00am. It made for a long day but a good one. We had a low key dinner with some of Todd's family at Stacey's. It's always good to see them & be with them. We had a awesome dinner & a egg hunt there as well. It was a great day, spent with family and time reflecting on our Saviors resurrection. I know he lives!
JoJo at the Jones, with his i-pad in hand watching netflix.

John on the look for more eggs!

John & is Easter prizes.


John loved every second of finding easter eggs.

Me & my precious.

JoJo Easter morning

John & his Easter basket. He is obessed with spiderman & ironman right now.

coloring easter eggs with Roni
JoJo' Easter attire

almost dressed

by the time we got to church JoJo had stripped, this is a regular sitiuation. Todd trying to get him dressed. I wonder what people think of us?

Can she really get any CUTER???

Easter Boy!

It's already started, we are back at the pool! It's ice cold but I'm kids still want to go. Gracie even loves it & screams when we take her out of the water. She fits just perfect in our family, she is going to LOVE the water like her brothers. We found out some good news this weekend, they just heated our pool, so I'm sure they will enjoy it even more!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to part of my neighbors baptism. It was amazing. seeing my neighbors who I love all in white ready to follow our Saviors example and be baptized. I love these girls, we have become so close & I think the world of them all. I was able to give a talk at there baptism about the Holy Ghost & today at church hear the beautiful blessing given to them after they received the Holy Ghost. It was awesome. I love this gospel so much, it amazing to see the change the gospel has on everyone. Most of the discussions took place at my house which was such a honor to be apart of. The gospel makes you happy, its brings you peace. Todd was able to baptized Emery, she is 14 and a beautiful girl. (can I say teenager though) oh the drama about people watching her get baptized, but she overcame it & did it and I'm so proud of her.

Todd with Emery, Cheryl, Bailey, & Roni
Todd & Emery

Lindsey, Cheryl, & Emery

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Guess Who is finally a BIG BOY!!!! YUP at the ripe old age of 4!!! Finally on his 4th birthday I had to put my foot down, I needed some big leverage. So what finally worked? Telling him no birthday party till her was fully potty trained. It worked!!! I couldn't believe it. I have tried everything & he just didn't care. He wanted to be like his big brother JoJo & wear diapers. I thought I was doomed to have 3 kids in diapers forever!!! So long story short, he is fully potty trained & is having his birthday party on Tuesday!!! It feels SO GOOD!!!


We have been living outside, its the best when you have the best neighbors & kids all around to play with. I love to lay out a blanket & watch the kids play while visiting with my neighbors. It really is the best & I'm so grateful I can do this.

What Happened???

I don't know what happened. One minute she was our little sweet princess & the next she was our naughty one. She is BUSY,BUSY,BUSY. Always on the go. The minute I have the dishwasher open she crawls as fast as she can to climb up and start undoing what I'm doing. She is getting lost of sass. I've decided its just not in the cards for us to have a calm child. Must be the mixture of DNA. She keeps us laughing & makes sure she is not missing out on anything. She loves drinks of anything. If she sees you drinking something you can be sure she will start her yell & come straight for you. Gracie can hold her own with her Brothers and gets right up in all their business. She a cutie, just a naughty one. We love her.

Catch up!

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!

In February my Mom, John, Gracie, and I took a trip to Henderson, NV to stay with Trevor's kids while they went on a cruise. It was such a fun trip, I have the cutest nieces ever. I loved being able to be around them. While I was there two of my best friends came to stay with me. Valerie Clawson (AKA Biggy, mission comp) & Kim Jenson ( we met in 7th grade @ EFY & have stayed close friends ever since.) These gals loaded in a car not knowing each other & made the 5 hour drive to come spend my 31st Birthday weekend with me. I loved having them. Then I jumped in my van with only Gracie leaving my mom to watch John & Trevors girls while I made a quick 2 day trip to Utah to see my mission sisters. It was so great to see them all, we made a trip to see Pres & Sister Park as well. It was so good to see them & get to visit with them. I really had the greatest mission with the best sisters in the world. Of course I didn't take one picture on this trip, but my cute niece Brighton took a picture of Gracie as they sneaked her, her very first ice cream cone!!!!

Daddy would FREAK!!! That's why, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

If anyone was wondering....... I'm still obsessed!!!

DragonTree Ave

We live on the best street, I just love it. We have so many kids for John to play with. Everyday after school they all go outside & ride their bikes & have so much fun. Even JoJo loves to be outside with all the kids. Its fun for us adults too, we can watch our kids have a blast & visit at the same time. Every time I curse my stairs & wish we would have paid a little bit more for a one level I remember all the kids & my wonderful neighbors. I really do love this street!
John giving one of his million face expressions

Gracie loves to be out with the kids too
JoJo having fun
John & Bailey. Bailey lives across the street from us & comes over almost everyday to play. One day she was knocking on the door & John said, "Mom its my best friend Baily." My heart melted.
Bailey, Grace, & Ronni
Roni is Baileys sister & they love Gracie & love to help to care of her.

John & Ronni
This is the group of kids that are always out playing. They are the cutest & we are so grateful for such great kids to live by. We love them all. ( they are doing funny faces in this pic)
Now just sweet smiles!


John was sick this past week, he caught the 24 hour flu. He was throwing up all night but by morning he was feeling a little bit better, enough for him to love me spoiling him. When I was growing up my mom always spoiled me rotten when I was sick. She would go get me whatever I wanted. So I have passed down that tradition & I think John is all about it. He wanted a pop & a movie. So we went to sonic and got him a sprite & then Santa Paws for him to watch. Later that day he told me wanted more pop & pizza. Who knows why pizza when he was just throwing up but I heeded the call & got him pizza & more pop. He is really fun to spoil because he loves it so much. Later in the week we were headed to Disney on Ice with JoJo & John, & JoJo started throwing up in the car. (NOT SO FUN) Poor JoJo got the flu too, but he is harder to spoil, just kind of wants to be left alone.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dawson & JoJo

I had to document this story so I wouldn't forget it. It's the sweetest & has made such an impact on me. My neighbor that lives across the street Jan (who I LOVE) has such a sweet family, & this is her son Dawson. He is so incredibly sweet to JoJo, always making sure he is alright & having fun. One night Jan was over visiting & told me a story about Dawson. Dawson had asked his Mom if she could have anything in this world for Christmas with no stipulations what would it be. She couldn't really think of anything & then she asked him what he would want. He told her he would want JoJo to have a voice. ( Let the tears begin) I know, I can't believe a 10 year old boy would be so sweet to want JoJo to be able to talk. I am so grateful to live by such a wonderful boy who has a heart of gold. I can't wait for the day when JoJo will get his voice, what a celebration that will be.
JOJOJoJo is now 6 years old. I can hardly believe it. Next year he will be in senior primary. How do I have a 6 year old?!! He is my sweetheart. He loves to cuddle with me at anytime. He will sometimes pull my arm until I get up & then he will take me to my bed to cuddle. Every morning he comes into my room to cuddle, it's the best wake up call. He is doing so well & we are so proud of him.
He loves to watch TV, so this is pretty much his favorite spot in the house. We have a loft upstairs with a TV for him, but one day he brought down the DVD player to watch his shows downstairs. I think he wanted the better TV & to be around the family more. So now we get to watch JoJo's movies all the time!!! LUCKY US!!
You may of noticed in all of these pictures he has no clothes on. He hates to wear clothes, the minute he gets home from school he strips down. I don't blame him, I love to be comfortable too, but it's becoming a real problem! I've got to break him of this habit before he gets too much older.