"Do your best and be a little better then you are."
Pres. Gordon B. Hinkley

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Swimmin with Grandma!

Joseph loves to swim and Grandma will do anything for Jo Jo. So pretty much she lives in the pool with him. He gets the biggest grin on his face when he is swimming it's so cute. Joseph runs the show at Grandma's house. He can get both Grandma and Grandpa to do anything he wants! He's got them hooked.

Summer Time Hair!

I love Joseph with a buzz! I think little boys with buzzes are the cutest. Buzzing Jo Jo hair is always quite an experience. It's not his favorite thing to do! ( as you can see)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Anney joins in too!!

Hey everyone! Anney Abney Malone has joined in on the fun of blogging. It's about time!!!! She has the cutest pictures on her blog. I'm so excited to see all the cute pics of her adorable family. Welcome it's really addicting!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Welcome the MacDonald Family!!!

Hey I'm so excited that Nat has finally made a blog. She has the cutest family and is about to have a new addition join them this week. It's going to be so fun to see all the pictures of her new little girl when she comes on Thursday!!!! Welcome to the addicting world of blogging!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

John's New Friends

We made it to AZ and John has made some new friends. Anney Malone is just like a sister to me so its so fun that we had are babies one day apart. She named he little girl Elsie ( I'm sure I spelled it wrong) and she was born one day before John. In the next picture it's of Katie, Elsie, Shephard (Nat's boy) and John. They are so cute. The next picture is of Holly's little boy Griffen. He is such a cute little boy and so full of smiles. John has had fun meeting all his new friends!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I can't believe that John will be a month-old next Thursday. It's gone by so fast. He really is so sweet and such a good baby. Although now he has figured out that being held is way better then not being held. He's no dumbie! So we pulled out the baby bjorn to give it a go. He's done pretty good so far, but still prefers to be held the real way. He has already grown out of his 0-3 months clothes he's a chunk but I love it that way. Joseph is really starting to warm up to him. Today John had the hiccups so Jo Jo went over to him and put his finger really gently to his lips twice. Maybe to tell him to shut up or I like to think to help his hiccups go away. Either way I'm happy that he acknowledged that he was alive.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Bath time!

Ok, so this is BIG!! Ever since we moved to Ithaca he would not take a bath so we would quickly give him a shower and he would cry the whole time. Before we moved here he used to love taking baths so the fact that he is loving it again is awesome. At night when I get him undressed he runs to the bath tub and gets in. It's so cute and so fun that he likes them again!!!!

I love to swing!

Todd took Jo Jo to the park today and he had so much fun. He loves to go to the park and loves to swing.

Watch out Thelma & Louise!

My mom's best friend Kathy flew to Ithaca so they could drive home our Jeep Liberty together. Kathy got in late last night and after a quick tour of Ithaca they are on their way. A trip across the country, hopefully the rode is ready for them!!! I'm already missing my Mom! The reality of having two kids is becoming a reality. Good thing Todd's Mom is coming next Monday.