"Do your best and be a little better then you are."
Pres. Gordon B. Hinkley

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random Pictures

Jo Jo wanting to relive when he was a baby and then quickly realizing it's not as fun as he remembered.
John taking a BIG boy bath! ( Don't you like the brown tub, YUK! Anyone know how to clean it and not get the white marks when you are done?)
John trying out his hat
Cutest BUNS!

Look how BIG I am!
Sweet boy! (I know he still has a binki, that's are next step but he LOVES it how do you take it away?)
Can we say CHESTER!
JoJo checking out Noggin on the internet.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's 62nd birthday. Wasn't he the cutest little boy. He was born on January 14, 1962. Here are some fun facts about my Dad.
-He loves animals. Anybody that grew up with me can remember Sophie & Gus and the Rabbit. We all wanted to eat as well as they did.
-He can eat the same food over and over again. He used to go to Mint Thai everyday for over a year. He would just walk in and they would bring him his order without him ordering. Some other food crazes were Cream of Wheat, Strawberry Short Cake, and Mexican food with Ted.
-He is a twin.
-He thinks we get our tan skin from him. (maybe we do, he can get pretty dark but look at my Mom)
-He is so generous. He would give you his shirt off his back.
-He loves his bedroom and his TV.
-He always wears Levi's and for the longest time he would only where LEE, we finally got him to change over to Gap.
-He is totally superstitious. I remember when the Sun's were in the finals he would only sit on the edge of the bed because he knew if he moved they would lose and it would be his fault.
-He's a fighter! After his stroke he battled for his life and won and made a remarkable recovery.
-He's the best father anyone could ask for!

My dad loved Todd's football games. He was such a huge support to him. He loves sports, he loved going to my brothers games and then when I was in HS he would go support my guy friends at their games. He even came to most of my Swim meets even though I was a joke of a swimmer.
He loves his grand kids. He is the greatest Grandpa. Joseph loves him. This is a pictures of My Dad and Joseph on Halloween in 05.
We named our second son John after my Dad. We hope John becomes at man like him. John absolutely LOVES my dad. He would look for him and crawl up on him and give him loves.

Happy birthday Dad! I could never have asked for a better Dad. You have always been there for me and always supported my decisions. You raised me in the gospel and always taught me to be honest. I could have never asked for anything more. Happy Birthday Dad, I love you!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas Break in Rewind

This picture totally sums up our Christmas break in AZ! It was all about FOOD. We all came back with a few extra pounds. John was in heaven all break long since he had Grandma and Grandpa and his beckon call. Grandpa instantly become one of his favorites since he would sneak treats to him. John would climb up on my Dad's lap and lay his head on him. For all you guys who remember my old dog Gus he totally reminds me of him. John is ALL about food and is so dang cute about it. Joseph also had so much fun while we where gone, if you exclude his therapy. We were able to put him in a intense light sensory therapy program at SIRRI while we were in AZ. It was 12 days long and he had to go twice a day even on Christmas. He was a trooper. Joseph also was able to go to lots of parks which was a highlight since it's to cold to go in NY. He had lots of fun being with his grandma and grandpa. Todd and I had a blast thanks to my parents. They pretty much took over our role as Mom and Dad and we were able to play. It was so nice to be able to go places with just each other. I had so much fun going out on girls nights and just talking with friends. One of the highlights was Biggy coming into town. We served in Nauvoo together and have been best friends ever since. Seriously, we had so much fun and I'm so glad she was able to come. Todd had fun hangin with Doobie and other friends. We had a blast and seriously owe that to my Mom and Dad for doing EVERYTHING for us. Thank you we already miss you guys.


Merry Christmas! This is what the kids woke up too Christmas morning, it probably was the only time the front room was clean the whole time we were there. We pretty much destroyed my parents house.I love this picture because it totally sums up how interested Joseph was in Christmas! I'm so glad I stayed up so late wrapping presents! Maybe next year.
I love this picture of John since it sums up how he liked Christmas. He loved it. Loved his toys and of course the funnest thing the wrapping paper.
Joseph loves to play with his Daddy.
John in the Christmas PJ's
Jo Jo in his Christmas PJ's
Todd put on his Christmas gifts. Don't worry he took back EVERYTHING he got. Even the flippin socks I got him. Who knew that UGGS were girly? I didn't think so. Seriously though I think he is getting coal next year!
Excuse the gross ugly pic but what can I do. We had a great Christmas!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we went over to the Runyans for their traditional Christmas Eve party. We had Mexican food and some good old conversation. We are also awaiting a phone call from Megan who is serving in Romania on a mission! It was a lot of fun and so good to see everyone.
Here are my BOYS! I got JoJo and John matching sweaters for the Christmas Eve party. I think they look so cute, I just needed to find Todd one!
John and his Cuz Garrett cruising around!
He had so much fun being around all the kids. He loves to be where the action is.