"Do your best and be a little better then you are."
Pres. Gordon B. Hinkley

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Biggest Loser!!!!

Ok, so I'm SOOOO excited! My mom and brother Talan just tried out for the BIGGEST LOSER. They got in line at 7 am and were number 425, and got to see all kinds of past contestants. Seriously, I'm so jealous. I'm the biggest fan of the biggest loser and have watched it since season 1!!! Ok, so Talan got at call back!!! YEAH!!! He goes on Tues. for his second audition. I'm seriously so excited. Keep you fingers crossed for him. (sorry to say my mom didn't get a call back, although she is pretty excited she didn't. She just wanted Talan to get in.) My Mom & Tal waiting in line. .
Felipe from this season. I love him! My mom said Felipe & Sione were so nice to everyone.

My mom & Betty Sue. Can you say look alike! They even act alike.

My mom and Sione from this season too. Doesn't he look so good. Sione also went to Mesa High and was such a nice guy! I'm rooting for Sione & Felipe!!!