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Pres. Gordon B. Hinkley

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Big Bag Of Balls!

1 out of 3 kids in the US have sensory issues. This is a great way to get those senses going and help your child feel better centered. The OT we saw in AZ suggested we make a big bag made out of nylon and fill it up with balls for him to get into and get some of that energy out. Joseph absolutely loves it. Can you tell from that face, that he loves it!
He's in heaven. He will play in this bag for a long time and I really feel like it helps him calm down.
John not so much
The nylon of the bag makes it great because of the stretch so if gives even more input into the body.
So if you look closely you will already see a rip in it. I learned the hard way you should double stitch it.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cornell Indoor Track

Cornell Indoor Track is coming to an end so I thought I would post some of the pictures I have. This is Todd finishing his race.
This is Todd and Jeremy. Jeremy is from Chandler, AZ and has become a little brother to us. He is a great guy and is putting his mission papers in this Summer. We are so excited for him! He also has been a great babysitter for us.
Me and my cute hubby!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Birthday Dinner

So for my birthday we celebrated at Outback with Sarah & Gerrett. Sarah had her birthday the day before me so we thought it would be perfect to go out together. I was pretty excited to go to Outback. It's an hour away but totally worth it. Ithaca is lacking in the good food cateogory. We had a lot of fun to be out with actual adults and not have our kiddo's with us!Us with the Montgomerys
Happy Birthday to ME!
Happy Birthday to Sarah! Aren't they cute, we love them. Thanks for a fun night out!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Thanks Todd for the nice tribute, your the best and I love you. I'm pretty sure there was a reason why I didn't post those pictures of me!!!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Last Round For Now

More Abby Pics!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Here are some more pics that Abby has probably kept off the blog, enjoy!

Abby is Turning 28!

Abby will be 28 on Wednesday the 13th! She is a loving wife and mother and deserves a little recognition. So for her 28th Birthday tribute, I wanted to share twenty-eight things about her that make us laugh, love her, and always want to be around her.
1. She can make a TV dinner look like a home-cooked meal.
2. She has the ability to make everyone she meets feel special.
3. She is an awesome teacher
4. She is always on time, except for when I make her late.
5. For the longest time I could never beat her at paper-rock-scissors, until I realized she always does scissors first.
6. Fox news is always on at our house.
7. Teen-bopper movies are her favorite.
8. The Burbs is her favorite movie.
9. She has beautiful brown eyes.
10. Her smile could melt your heart away.
11. She always orders the same item at whatever restaurant we go to.
12. She wishes I was a vampire.
13. She walked at 9 months.
14. She hates math.
15. Gave birth in my Cornell T-shirt.
16. Helped get an A+ in my marketing class with her scrap booking skills.
17. Always packs me special treats for my trips.
18. Has given me two beautiful kids, maybe the next one will look like me.
19. Has supported me in my athletics.
20. Has lived in 5 different places for the 4 1/2 years we have been married.
21. She might watch more sports than I do.
22. She is the best at Scene-It: Movie edition.
23. Always eats her fries with ketchup and El Pato.
24. She always writes Thank You cards for everything.
25. She is unselfish.
26. She is BEAUTIFUL!
27. She would never eat hamburgers until we moved to Ithaca.
28. She will do anything for you, whether she wants to or not.
There are many more things that we LOVE about ABBY, but there isn't enough time and space for them ALL! Joseph, John, and I are just lucky to have her in our lives. We love you Honey and hope that you have a Great Birthday!