"Do your best and be a little better then you are."
Pres. Gordon B. Hinkley

Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter! John in his Easter jacket looking smooth and cute! He walks all over the house with this walker. He doesn't like to crawl but since he can't walk he has become a master of the walker.
JoJo got the new BEE movie from the Easter Bunny

John also enjoyed treats from the Easter Bunny
Every time I look at John he makes me smile. He has so many facial expressions.

JoJo looking for Eggs
Yes! He picked the egg up all on his own.
John even joined in on the fun, actually it was freezing and none of us wanted to be outside but it was Easter and we were going to hunt for eggs.
John and his Egg!

Visit with the Ash's

On the way back to Ithaca, we stopped by Jordan & Katie's to say hi. Jordan and I have been good friends since Jr high and I'm just so proud of the guy he turned out to be. (not that we didn't all know he would be great!) It was so fun to visit and get to see their life in Baltimore. It's crazy to think we are old enough to have families and so fun to see Jordan as a Dad. I absolutely LOVE Katie, Jordan was a lucky guy to get her. Thanks for letting us relax at your house for a couple of hours it was so fun. We love you guys!

Just the 4 of us!

Just the 4 of us headed to DC this weekend for our first official family vacation. We had so much fun. We got our hotel room for $38 a night! It was awesome too. They had a pool so JoJo was in heaven. We really had such a good time.The start of the day. It was sunny outside so I thought it wasn't cold, I was fooled. It was freezing and I had left the coats in the hotel room. Big mistake.
Todd and the kids in front of the Washington Monument.
Us at the Washington monument and the Capitol in the background.
I love JoJo's face in this picture.
Me and JoJo in front of the Lincoln Memorial. This was my favorite spot.
Us and good old Abe. John was there too but the guy who took the picture cut him out.
What cute boys.
Eating at the Cheesecake Factory. I was in HEAVEN and our kids were great.

Us at the capital. Jennifer Gardner and Ben Affleck were there too with their daughter. Don't worry she said hi to me!! So fun.
The White house
The highlight of the trip for JoJO!! Todd would take him in the morning and when we would get home at night. He loved every second of it.
I love this picture. JoJo Loves Daddy!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Update on Cleanse

OK, so I just ended the cleanse!!! YEAH!!! I ended a day early since we decided to spend the weekend in DC. I'm so excited to get the heck out of Ithaca for few days. Maybe see the sun, who knows. So I ended early since the book says it takes a few days to get your body ready to eat real food again, and since we were going to a big city with so many of my favorite restaurants I had to get my body equipped to handle it. Hopefully, I won't ruin everything that I just did in just 2 days. So, I would totally recommend the cleanse to everyone. I felt awesome on it. I had more energy on the cleanse then before. I thought I was going to be tired and starving all the time but it's not like that at all. I felt awesome, although by the end I was so tired of not eating, I just wanted to to chew food again. I'm not saying it's not hard but it's not as hard as you think it's going to be. A few tips if you are going to try it.
*Read the book, it inspires you so you won't give up.
*Drink the tea at night instead of herbal laxatives.
*Although I hated this the most make sure to drink the salt water in the morning, you will get the best results with the salt water.
Anyways, I'm hoping to do this cleanse at least once a year but for now I'm going to enjoy food again, in a healthier way. (does this include this weekend?? I'm on vacation right???) So my overall experience: POSITIVE!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Master Cleanse

OK, call me crazy but I just started this master cleanse. It's a 10 day cleanse to help get rid of toxins and all the bad stuff that we build up in our body. A couple of years ago I would have thought you were crazy for doing something like this but now having a son with autism has really made me explore the body and how it effects us so much when we don't properly take care of it. I have been so sick all winter catching everything that is out there and I've finally decided to try this cleanse to see if it helps me feel better and keep feeling better. I've enjoyed reading this book and learning more about how our body needs to rid it's self from these toxins. I have been on a yeast/candida cleanse trying to get rid of all the yeast in my body so I thought it would be perfect to end that with this cleanse to make sure I get it all. Many people have yeast problems from years of antibiotics and eating foods that feed the yeast. Yeast can cause so much havoc to the body and by getting rid of it you can cure your self of many of your aliments. So really why I am posting this is so I have someone to account for. Since this isn't easy especially for someone who LOVES food, but I'm so sick of not feeling good. I'm ready to make the change. I have been off of bread and sugar for about 3 weeks with the yeast cleanse and am amazed how much better I feel. ( So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I can make it 10 days. Today was pretty brutal, it took me about 1 1/2 hours to drink the salt water this morning. YUK! One day down 9 more to go!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nat's 28!

It's Nat's Birthday, lets shout HURRAY! Here a few pictures that I love of my BFF Nat. I wish I lived in AZ so I could get my hands on some really good ones, but I don't so these will have to do.As you can see Nat's beautiful and a amazing Mom!
She is LOVED by all her friends!
She was a Beautiful bride
Although, she is dressed up like this as a joke, I know secretly she wishes she could wear this swim suit. Both me and Nat love to be comfortable! I think we got if from our Moms.
I can't think of a childhood memory that doesn't involve Nat. We were always together and loving every minute of it. Most pictures of me when I was younger had Nat next to me.

Nat I hope you have a great Birthday, I wish I was there to celebrate! I love you and am so grateful to have you in my life. Miss you!