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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Easter 2011

I can't believe Easter has already come and gone. It was a fun Easter with John so excited for the Easter Bunny to visit. We really did try to teach him what Easter really is about, and I hope it kinda sunk in but he was in LOVE with finding Easter eggs & his Easter basket. JoJo was less interested but did find an egg this year. We have 8:00am church this year so we were out hunting eggs around 6:00am. It made for a long day but a good one. We had a low key dinner with some of Todd's family at Stacey's. It's always good to see them & be with them. We had a awesome dinner & a egg hunt there as well. It was a great day, spent with family and time reflecting on our Saviors resurrection. I know he lives!
JoJo at the Jones, with his i-pad in hand watching netflix.

John on the look for more eggs!

John & is Easter prizes.


John loved every second of finding easter eggs.

Me & my precious.

JoJo Easter morning

John & his Easter basket. He is obessed with spiderman & ironman right now.

coloring easter eggs with Roni
JoJo' Easter attire

almost dressed

by the time we got to church JoJo had stripped, this is a regular sitiuation. Todd trying to get him dressed. I wonder what people think of us?

Can she really get any CUTER???

Easter Boy!

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