"Do your best and be a little better then you are."
Pres. Gordon B. Hinkley

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Andy The Bachelor

Anyone remember Andy the bachelor? Sadly to say I didn't watch that season of the bachelor so I was pretty embarrassed when he asked me if I knew his name, and I had to say no. When I walked past him I was like how do I know that guy and then I realized he was one of the bachelor's. So when I asked if he was I was right. It was pretty fun. As I was walking off his parents asked if I wanted a picture and I was like of course. He asked me who I was here for I had to break the news that I was married. He was super and nice and super cute. Although, I didn't like his outfit. It made graduation all that better.
Me and Andy and Jo Jo pulling me away from him.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Graduation 08!

He who is BRAVE enough to reach for his DREAMS is always the first to ACHIEVE them. This is the quote that was on the card I gave Todd for graduation. So true, I'm Todd's biggest fan and have not doubt he will achieve his dreams. Today was one of those dreams full filled. Todd Graduated from Cornell University. He is finally graduated and it feels so good. It was a beautiful day for a graduation. We brought the kids and they were seriously perfect. Jo Jo sat on my lap the whole time. I think I'm still in awe. I'm really glad we brought them it was a fun family outing and they got to see their Daddy finally graduate! Grandma Barb took care of John during the graduation.
Me and my perfect boy Jo Jo
The graduates!
If you look hard you can see Todd and Gerrett
The graduate and his boys

The Grad and his family
Me and my guy!
Todd and his parents
Lexi, Sarah, and I. All of our hubby's graduated today, can you tell we are pretty happy!

Gerrett, Sarah, Todd, Jo Jo, and me. Todd and Gerrett were in the same major and had most of their classes together. We were the only undergrad married couple in our branch. We have become great friends with them, we love the Montgomerys
My hero, My Dad!
Todd and the guy giving him his diploma.
Shaking hands.

Gerrett, Todd and Ben. The graduates. The husbands of the Sarah, and Lexi.

Future Graduate!
John and his Daddy!
My Dad got really sick and so my Mom and Dad weren't able to make it to Todd's graduation. Just wanted to let them know how much we appreciate everything they do for us and know that without their love and support this wouldn't have been possible. We love you.

Ready for Summer!

After Todd's graduation today we decided to give all the boys a summer time hair cut. I'm a total sucker for little boys with buzzes, I think they are adorable. It was really hard to cut off Jo Jo's curls but he still looks super cute.Right before we started buzzing
John totally liked it.
Todd was a little more hesitant. He doesn't think he looks good with a buzz but I love it on him.
Jo Jo was a whole other story. I think he will need therapy when he is older now.
I'm pretty sure I know how the mullet began. They gave up half way I can totally understand now.
Pure misery for JoJo
The finished product.
My cute boys are ready for SUMMER now!

JoJo's last day

Friday was JoJo's last day of school. I was a mess trying to hold back my tears the whole time. It's so hard to take him away from people who I know love him. He really has done some great things thanks to these great people at the Rackers center. He will wash his hands, dry them, brush his teeth, eat at a table, use pictures to request what he wants, he has learned how to ride a trike, take off his shirt, pants, socks, and shoes, and much more. JoJo really loves them.Here are some of this great teachers at a little party they had for him.
Trying to get him to smile.
This is JoJo's teacher Alisa
One of the girls in his class came and gave JoJo a big hug. Another cute little girl started to cry and said her heart hurt because Joseph was moving. It was so sweet.
The class is having a little party for JoJo and watching a movie.
More of the party
They got JoJo a present and this is him opening it.
They got him a Ithaca is Gorges shirt! So cute.

Friday, May 23, 2008


We Just got home from the funnest trip to the city. It was the best. We had 2 nights and 3 days of fun with no kids!!! Thanks to the nicest and most generous Cathy and Newell Cooper we got to stay at the Marriott Marque right in the heart of time square. It was awesome, we were so close to all the shows and got to see time square right from our room. We couldn't have even imagined a better place to stay. My parents flew in a week early for graduation so they could babysit for us. It was so nice to be able to not stress out about our kids and how they were being taken care of. This was Todd's first trip to the city and he loved it too. There is something about NYC that is just amazing. The energy is awesome! We had the best time. Here are a few pictures of the trip. This is us at WICKED! It was awesome, we totally loved it.
Us getting in line for $25.00 student rush tickets for Legally Blonde.
Todd on the tour bus.
Todd at a memorial at for 911.
Todd & the Empire State building
Us on the tour bus
Me on the tour bus in time square

Us at the Legally Blonde show. It was SO good, I would totally recommend it. We had front row seats and it was so fun to be so close.
Todd and I on the Staten Island ferry
If you look really close you can see the statue of Liberty in the back.
Todd & a bridge We took a trip to the Temple and it was amazing. I think its the 2nd most beautiful temples next to Nauvoo. It was breathtaking.
Todd in time square after the the Legally Blonde show.
It wouldn't be a trip to the city without a stop at serendipity's for some food and a frozen hot chocolate.
And yes, Todd did partake! He even loved it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

8 days!!

The count down in on! 8 days and counting and I'll be back living in the great state of ARIZONA where the sun actually shines. I can't wait!