"Do your best and be a little better then you are."
Pres. Gordon B. Hinkley

Thursday, September 27, 2007


My BFF is at it again. My Mom called me today to see if I caught the
Larry King Live show last night. I was totally bummed that I missed it when I found out that Jenny McCarthy was the guest. She also had her Doctor on the show and Holly Robinson Pete. My Mom said it was amazing. They are replaying that show on Sunday night, so set your DVR! I'm excited to see her again and hear what her Doctor has to say. Oh- ya I read her book too and LOVED it. It's a total Jenny McCarthy so beware of the "F" word, but other than that I loved it. I would totally recommend to anyone who has a child with autism, or that knows someone with a child with autism. It's pretty crazy she talks about Mormons through the whole thing. ( don't worry it's all good things) It's a great book.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The BIG 26

Todd's had a BIRTHDAY shout HURRAY!
Today is Todd's 26th birthday. I love when it's his birthday since it means for 5 months we are only one year apart in age! Joseph missed out in the opening the presents because he was at school, bummer. John was ready to help his dad tear open the presents.

My Mom & Dad got Todd an i-pod nano and me and the boys got him an i-tunes gift card and a holder so he can workout with. He is always using my shuffle so now he has one of his own! We are going to pick Todd up today for lunch and then catch a movie tonight.

Here are some things people might not know about my cute husband Todd!

1. He is obsessed with Harry Potter, (looks at the website all the time)

2. He loves to organize. When he gets in a cleaning mood it more like destroying the house and organizing it all.

3. He loves to figure out schedules. Warning : Don't tell Todd what you want to do in school cause he will have your next few years all planned out for you and what you need to take. He loves it!

4. He is a total competitor in everything. If we play games and he doesn't win he's NOT happy. I call the MVT syndrome. They just don't know how to take losing very well like the rest of us who are used to it!

5. He is a completely LOYAL friend. If you are his friend then he would do anything for you and can do nothing wrong in his eyes.

6. He doesn't eat SWEETS. He wouldn't even eat our wedding cake, I still don't think I'm over that yet.

7. He has the most integrity. Sometimes I want to kill him about it. He will never do anything without being 100% honest. ex: like calling financial aid 20 billion times every time we got any money,until they told him to stop! (sometimes I call it being CRAZY!)

8. He's a DREAMER. He is always thinking of the next thing he wants to do. He's always jotting down new ideas. I love this about him.

9. He loves the ROCK! and WWF. He still wears their shirts and embarrasses me like crazy when he does.

So those are somethings you may not know about my CUTE husband. He is such a great man and a wonderful Husband and Father. We love him so much and I couldn't have dreamed of a better guy for me. Happy Birthday!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Birthday G-MA

Happy Birthday Grandma, WE LOVE YOU! We are counting down the days till you get here!!

It's my Mom's BIRTHDAY today. So sad that I have no idea how old she is. Maybe that's a good thing. I'm thinking she is still in her 50's. She doesn't look a day over 20 don't you think. She is the most amazing mom and the BEST grandma. Sometimes I have to remind her that these are my kids since she loves and worries about them so much. Example: She is flying into Ithaca to help me take Joseph to a Doctor in Buffalo and get him started on the Bio-Medical stuff. She is always there for me. Everyone LOVES my mom because she's so fun and always up for a good time. I really fill so blessed to have you as a Mom. You ROCK! We are counting down the days! YEAH

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My New Favorite Person!

Things I have in common with Jenny MacCarthy

1. Both gained 70 + pounds with our first child

2. Both have a son with Autism

3. Both talk way to much and are loud mouths

4. I'm pretty sure we are both fake blondes

5. Both have been on Weight Watchers

I'm pretty sure she wants to be my new BBF

Jenny MacCarthy is officially my new favorite person! Seriously you guys I hope all of you were able to watch Oprah today it was AWESOME!!! I have always liked Jenny, since she gained like 70 + pounds too when she was prego but now I just love her. On the Oprah show she talked about her son who was diagnosed with autism. I think the reason I liked the show so much was because I felt so much the same like her when Joseph was diagnosed. I felt as if my world was over I had no idea how to recover. Let me tell ya it took a while and I'm pretty sure I will never be over it but I know like she did that my Joseph was still in there and I know someday and somehow he will come out. We have to do all we can in all are power and the Lord will make up for the rest. I love Jenny's story because she was not about to say defeat, she was up for the battle. I loved Holly Robinson's story too she was awesome.

I loved, loved, loved what she had to say about immunizations. I so feel the same. I know that immunizations have a purpose and that they are good and have saved many people's lives but like many things we over indulge and think the more the better and that is not always the case. The list of immunizations they give your baby is shocking. I hate people who are so one way and can not see the other side. I hate being looked down upon that I have chosen now, not to give my kids immunizations until they are older and we know more about them. I'm not a bad Mother for not giving them their shots, nor do if feel Mom's that give their children shots are bad. We are all just trying to to what is best. I do wish that Dr's would stop telling us that shots don't cause autism since that has never been refuted and the truth is they DO NOT KNOW. I don't blame Joseph's autism on the shots, but I do feel like it contributed. I do wish that Dr's would listen to us parents and stop thinking they know everything. I'm thankful for Doctors and all that they do but come on a few more years of school does not make you the know all! (Todd is going to hate me since he is thinking of going to Med school)

I tried the gluten free no dairy diet last year and was defeated but I feel new strength after watching Jenny. I'm going to give it a try again. Any ideas on gluten free dairy free things please let know.

OK, So sorry you had to listen to me go on and on. I'm just really grateful for the fight that Jenny MacCarthy put up for her child.

OK so I just went on a rant so so so sorry! I guess I just loved Jenny and Holly Robinson's story of hope. I'm not about to throw in the towel. Joseph has a purpose that I am SURE of.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

John + Food = Love

So we have started giving John FOOD!! And as you can see he LOVES it. He freaks out when he thinks I'm not going to give him more, it's pretty cute.
Hey, Mom stop taking my picture and FEED me!
I think I'm full
He also has found his toes! He is totally teething so he will put anything in his mouth including his TOES!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I just wanted to give a quick update on how the first day of school went. It was awesome. He did so well. They have this area where you can watch your kids and they can't see you so Todd and I went to go check on Joseph. I was totally expecting the worse, thinking he was probably curled up in a corner asleep from crying so much. When we got there he was out on the play ground having so much fun. I was totally relived but then I thought the minute he came back to the classroom he would freak. Again I was wrong. He was having so much fun. We also got to see him in a therapy session and he did so well. I'm really thinking I'm a bad influence on him. The teacher called me after school and told me she was so impressed and that he did so well. When he got home he just had this littler smirk on his face like he was proud of himself too. It's funny the things your kids can do without you. So this is a picture of him this morning waiting for the bus. He was doing just great, I'm going again to the school to watch him and I'm really hoping for the same outcome. Yeah! He likes school!!!! ( I'm knocking on wood)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jo Jo''s First day of School!

So today is JoJo's first day of School. He looks so cute in this picture, he's looking at me and smiling!!! I'm pretty sure he has no idea what is about to come.
He Even let us put his back pack on him.
Here he is getting on the bus. You can see the concern on his face. Thank goodness you can't see my face right now.
Now he is worried, and I've lost it.
and their he goes... Yes, he rides the short bus to school, but he's the cutest little short bus rider there is.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Niagara Falls

We had such a fun weekend at Niagara Falls. It is really so beautiful. We met Britt and Cody on Sunday there and had so much fun. It was awesome to get to see them. They went to Palmyra the next day and then stayed at our house is Ithaca Monday night. It was great to have some visitors. We stayed up way to late chatting and blog surfing, it was a great time. Thanks for the visit Britt & Cody we loved it!Jo Jo actually liked putting on the poncho and look how cute John is in it.
Good job Cody on this picture!
This is us before we got soaked on the boat!
This Fall was amazing!!!