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Pres. Gordon B. Hinkley

Saturday, April 30, 2011

What Happened???

I don't know what happened. One minute she was our little sweet princess & the next she was our naughty one. She is BUSY,BUSY,BUSY. Always on the go. The minute I have the dishwasher open she crawls as fast as she can to climb up and start undoing what I'm doing. She is getting lost of sass. I've decided its just not in the cards for us to have a calm child. Must be the mixture of DNA. She keeps us laughing & makes sure she is not missing out on anything. She loves drinks of anything. If she sees you drinking something you can be sure she will start her yell & come straight for you. Gracie can hold her own with her Brothers and gets right up in all their business. She a cutie, just a naughty one. We love her.

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Kasey said...

Funny how I was thinking this same thing about my little girl. None of my kids have been slow and calm, but my baby is by far way sassy and way more crazy than the other 2 were. Love her, but she's too busy for me!